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is powered by respect for our environment, commitment to quality
and a passion for masterfully blending these elements into the perfect lifestyle for our homeowners.

Larry Baum – Stellar Communities Managing Member


Stellar Communities is committed to reducing ecological impact and maximizing sustainability to create more comfortable, healthy, efficient and beautiful living environments.

We build more than just homes; we create a lifestyle that is designed to bring down your utility bills and the impact on the environment. We believe this can be done if it is planned well. That is where Stellar Communities excels.

Many of our homes will be certified by the Florida Green Building Coalition and are planned with green building goals in mind. We focus on eco-friendly features such as water and energy efficiency, high quality insulation, high performance windows and doors, Green Logic ZERO VOC paints, environmentally friendly flooring, solar homes, standing seam metal roofs for efficient insulation and more, and include those as standard options in many of our homes.

Green initiatives continue on the exterior with drought-resistant landscaping, a living shoreline for our waterfront locations, salt chlorination systems for pools, organic vegetable gardens, and the homes are electric car charging station-ready. All these outstanding features will save you money for as long as you own your Stellar Home.


Living green inside and out.

It’s so important to us that we’ve raised the bar and are the first South Florida home builder in history to offer solar panels as a standard feature in select homes.

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What can solar power do for a family?

For a family of four, the 5Kw system Stellar homes use will be able to cover your fridge, 20+ Halogen lights, plasma and multiple TVs, standby appliances, 5+ loads of laundry a week, 5+ loads in the clothes dryer, 5+ loads of your dishwasher, computer, large air conditioners and even the pool pump.

How Much Can we Save?

Each solar panel system has a retail value of $9,160 to $16,128 per home (depending on community). The energy conservation features provided by Stellar Communities are estimated to save owners approximately $81,000 per home over 20 years.



By transferring heat rather than creating it, heat pump water heaters deliver hot water twice as efficiently as standard electric water heaters.

  • The heat pump pulls warmth from the air, even if the air is cool.
  • Warm air is compressed, increasing its temperature.
  • Heat flows through condenser coils that transfer heat to the water.
Check out our eco-friendly communities

If these walls could talk? They wouldn’t. They’re too well insulated.

Superior R value core-foam masonry foam insulation in all exterior walls helps insulate the home from heat, cold and sound. It seals in the air filtration and is also Class 1 / Class A Fire rated for added peace of mind. It’s easier on the budget too; savings of about $100 per month are a low estimate.

Drive electric. We make it easy…

Many of our homes will be electric car charger-ready and we offer a full array of chargers as well.


  • Whispering Oaks .
  • Cavalia Estates