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Job Postings



During Construction

  • Perform quality control for each trade in the community
  • Inspect delivered materials for poor quality or damage. Ensure proper storage on site as needed
  • Documented daily inspection of units under construction
  • Know and understand the production schedule
  • Keep trash to a minimum. Designate parking areas and keep equipment organized
  • Know and understand building codes
  • Address quality issues with vendors (resolve and schedule repair/replacement of material/labor, back charges, etc)
  • Assist site superintendent in ensuring all inspections are passed

During Leasing:

  • Perform move in and move out inspections and facilitate make ready repairs
  • Inform corporate office of violations of community guidelines
  • Respond and complete residential service requests in a timely manner
  • Resolve maintenance issues in residential units during and between leases
  • Provide preventative maintenance and repair on A/C and other mechanical systems
  • Maintain cleaning and maintenance of grounds, including common areas
  • Provide residents with outstanding customer service
  • May also do pressure washing and use paint spray guns

Qualifications, Education and/or Experience:

  • Construction Experience: 7 years +
  • Residential Property Maintenance: 3 years +
  • Must have experience with all residential construction trades
  • Must have experience with construction drawings
  • Attention to detail a must
  • HVAC Certification (a bonus)



  • Conduct initial plan review on assigned projects and red line for correction by design team.
  • Meet with Director of Operations and gather any pertinent information related to project.
  • Assist Purchasing Manager with bid documents for release to subcontractors and vendors.
  • Work with Purchasing Manager to prepare contracts, work scope and purchase orders for subcontractors and vendors.
  • Prepare project schedule and review with Construction Team
  • Revise pre-construction budget to actual numbers after bid out is complete.
  • Update project schedule on a weekly basis.
  • Constantly maintain budget and accounting records for the project.
  • Review and approve all subcontractor and vendor payment requests.
  • Coordinate with local utilities.
  • Review and approve all shop drawings.
  • Submit RFIs as required.
  • Coordinate delivery dates of long lead items.
  • Ensure project is completed on budget and within scope
  • Prepare project and coordinate building turnover dates with property management team.
  • Set up, coordinate and ensure compliance of safety programs, policies, and procedures as they relate to the construction environment.
  • Adheres to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations as they relate to the construction environment.

Qualifications, Education and/or Experience:

    • Bachelor’s (Preferred)
    • Construction Experience: 7 years +
    • Senior Project Management: 5 years +


  • Whispering Oaks .
  • Cavalia Estates